the quest for milk

This project was held during 5 weeks, with the goal to work on the creation and visual realization of an Instagram feed. 

Oreo's Instagram page was chosen, in order to create a more coherent feed and with a more regular posting.

Oreo is one of the only brand that promote the drinking of a glass of milk while eating their biscuits. It is also known to be a biscuit that can be eaten in different ways (with milk, by twisting it,...).

For our project, we decided to illustrate one way of eating the Oreo : with a glass of milk. Our storyline evolved around this idea : our Oreo is looking for a glass of milk. It escapes the factory and goes on an adventure.

Art Direction, Concept and crafting

Alexandra Costanza

Kevin Durand

Mélissa Hofman

Benoit Huyhn.


Link to the Instagram feed