80s mate

The purpose of this project was to make an interview with motion design.

I asked myself the following question: how could I offer an interview that was entertaining and not the typical question-answer dynamic? By finding inspiration in the way the dating was approached in the 80s: a series a clips where people present themselves.

The celebrity or person interviewed would be immersed in an 80s ambiance with clothes, make-up and then, instead of questions, the interviewee presents his new project as if doing a blind-date.

This is a solo project from the pre-production (idea, script, shotlist, storyboards, scouting location, casting,…), to the production/filming and finishing with post-production (editing, sound design, motion design).




Alexandra Costanza

This project taught me how to manage and carry out a project from beginning to end (actors, time on set, preparation, post-production,…).

Scroll to watch the interview and case study.